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{15 June 2009}   Gingham Shoes

ginghamAfter a crazy Friday night, I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling all weak and tired. But since I did not want to waste the day sleeping, I decided to hit the mall and do my ‘errands’. As usual, I went around checking stuff to add to my what-i-want-to-buy list. I only went to the usual stores and tried on a few things. I decided to check out Zara since they have nice clothes though I don’t have enough cash with me that time.

When I went inside, I was greeted by a huge table filled with merchandise that were all coordinated to make an entire outfit. Then, I saw them. On top of it all was a gingham printed sneaks with velcro clasps. I fell in love with them since they were simple but really nice. Good thing I did not bring any money or credit card with me or else I would have bought them. And besides my measure of buying stuff is when I could feel my heart racing when I touch them. Haha! This pair made my heart race but not enough to win first place. As I left the store, I took a last glance at them then left with looking back. Maybe next time.

{13 January 2009}   Fashion School

After finishing my business degree, I never saw myself as a strict corporate lad who would stay in the office, in a business suite and would have endless meetings. Well, I did try that out for two years before I moved to retail. Since I’m really into fashion, the idea of getting a degree in fashion crossed my mind. But then I realized that I was never the design-and-execute-a-look type of a person. I’m used to getting different pieces and making them work together.

The Bravo TV show Project Runway is set at Parsons The New School For Design. It is an art and design school founded in 1896 as the Chase school by impressionist painter William Merritt Chase. The main campus is located in Greenwich Village, New York and the fashion department is located prominently in the heart of the city’s Garment District in Midtown. It has affiliated schools in Paris and the Dominican Republic. Its alumni includes designers and artists like Anna Sui, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Steven Meisel.

{19 September 2008}   Loving Marc Jacobs

Marc JacobsI have always heard his name yet I had no idea how he looks like. A friend of mine used to manage the Marc by Marc Jacobs shop at the mall. The place was wide and roomy and all the clothes were neatly arranged. I went around checking the merchandise since I heard that his bags were very much coveted and easily sold out. The clothes were really nice ad had a lot of life in them. They were the type tat I would wear since they fit my style.

Little did I know that Marc Jacobs in indeed hot. Hot body, good looks and oozing sex appeal. Yes, he’s just gorgeous! Not to mention uber talented. In 1997. he became Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director and created the company’s first ready -to-wear line. He has created a number of collaborations with artists like Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse. Apart from his position at LV, he is also the head designer for Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. His personal brand has grown to have a global appeal with branches in the United States, Europe and Asia.

English fashion deigner Alexander McQueen has always surprised the fashion world with his designs. For years, his shows have always been influenced by his love of grand theatrics that could divert one’s attention from his clothes. However, his interesting designs grab more of curiosity.

For his Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear Collection brings us back to the roots of fashion. His clothes had a feel of lightness, yet other pieces had very strong masculine silhouettes but were very much feminine. The collection featured a 19th century bodice-fitted jackets with chiffon jabot blouses and long skirts. Some corsetted dresses had exaggerated hips to create an hourglass shape. Skirts were covered with lace and had some volume. The palette is of dusty gray, ivory, and faded pinks. Some pieces were reminiscent of his stint in couture at Givenchy. There were a number of modern pieces like the perfectly tailored jackets, gray pants and asymmetric tiers of dusty-rose lace. Alexander McQueen has been consistent with making old styles relevant to today but with a classic twist.

{23 February 2008}   More Digital @ SES London

So my regular readers will know that I’m in charge of many sites and am lucky enough to work for a company that pays for me to go to conferences. To be honest, it’s mostly just an excuse for a boose up but who am I to argue when someone else is paying 😉

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of monetising my online portfolio of sites, no one works for free right? More Digital is my main source of income online so it was nice to finally put some faces to the names.

If you’re already using any advertising networks then you’ll fit right in woth the MoreDigital guys. I prefer them to some other networks because they’re advertising clients I actually know and see in my daily life in the papers and TV. So I don’t have to worry about the reputation of my sites when someone clicks on an ad!

If you haven’t used these guys yet then I’d recommend giving them a go as an alternative to some of the lower paying networks.

Here’s a few pics snapped..




{8 February 2008}   Rachel Zoe

Working in the fashion world is exciting and totally crazy. I should know since I worked in retail for a brief period and I also have designer friends. I love clothes, bags and shoes. Designing was never my forte. I was more of a stylist. I could put together an outfit from different pieces, not create them from out of nowhere. Being a stylist is a tough job but it really opens up into a lot of opportunities.

One stylist I realy like is Rachel Zoe. She has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood like Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner just to name a few. I love the way she carries herself. Her signature look are her big sunglasses. Unlike other stylists, she appears on the red carpet dressed in her best outfits. She dresses as well as her clients and she even talks to reporters. She released a style guidebook in 2007 entitled Style A to Zoe which made it to the New York Times Bestseller list. The book gives tips about clothes, travel, interior design and more.

{15 December 2007}   The White Duffel

Payday. As usual my first trip was to the banks to pay my credit card bills. After paying all of them, I felt poor again. This sucks. I decided to drop by the mall on my way back to work. Promise, I am just going to peek and check out the stores. Actually, I was not the mood to go to every store since I it was kinda hot inside and I did not want to be tempted to buy anything.

Window shopping. Yes, that what i’ll do. Then I saw it on the window. It sat there, waiting for me. I told myself that I did not have any cash and I just bought my Victoria’s Secret bag. I’m just going to check it out. It was a black and white duffel in with a perforated finish. It reminded me of a Louis Vuitton keepall but this was simple and way cheaper at around $25. I checked the bag and went out before my self-control would disappear.

{27 November 2007}   Chambray

Back in my retail days, I found it hard to get up in the morning really early specially when I slept late. One day, I went to the store really early since we had to manage the delivery. Argh. This means boxes of clothes waiting to be hanged, priced and displayed. I was barely awake and we all needed to work really fast. I did my best to be fast so we could finish early.

When we were done I noticed number of clothes that had a different fabric. Well, it looked a lot like denim, only it was lighter. It seemed really comfy and pair with anything. When I looked at the tag, it was made out of chambray. The fabric came from northern France particularly in Cambrai or Cobrai. Interesting fabric since never knew about it. Maybe I have seen it, I just didn’t care. Chambray has a country connotation and woven for farmers’ wardrobe since it is lightweight but strong. It wears well, easy to sew and wash.

{12 November 2007}   Fur Fashion


During winter, we see people covered with layers of clothes to warm themselves up. In Hollywood movies, the rich and powerful are often covered in opulent fur coats. Fur clothing is one of the oldest in the world thought to be used by hominids thousands of years ago. It is worn mostly in colder countries because of its great insulation properties. Fur is derived usually from fox, rabbit, mink, otter and others.

The manufacturing of fur is a tedious process which requires a lot of chemicals and tanning. No wonder it is considered a luxury and is really expensive. Plus it is also had to maintain. Animal rights advocates condemn the use of fur since it has serious implications to wildlife. The animals are killed for their fur and most of them are endangered species. Faux fur is made out of synthetic material that mimic the feel and look of real fur. It may be a good insulator, but we also have to consider the adverse effects of fur farming to nature.

{30 September 2007}   Navy Blazer And Khaki Slacks

We are so used to the usual look of matching the blazer with the pants to keep a coordinated look. To make a look more interesting, pair a navy blazer with khaki slacks or chinos. The look is very appropriate in almost any occasion. From dress-down Fridays to semi-formal gatherings, you will never go wrong with this outfit. It looks clean, polished and does not grab the attention. Of course, except if you look really dashing or totally ridiculous.

To make it more modern, you can update the look. Essentially it still has the same pieces but the difference would be in the proportions. The blazer should be more fit with slimmer lapels. The pants should also be slim. You can add spunk to the outfit using an interesting shirt under the blazer. It is all about fabrication and details. You can add you personal flair by choosing a more graphic shirt to make the outfit rock in the modern time.

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