Fashion Police Never Misses

{9 February 2007}   The Bow Tie

bow tieHollywood stars always wear a tuxedo during formal events. Unlike the ladies, men’s attire in such events have changed little and is always classic, chic and simple. They all look the same but some do wear their’s better than others. There are only 2 choices for the neck accessory, a neck or a bow tie. For me, the bow tie is a wiser choice for red carpet events. Some may find it dorky, but I beg to disagree. As long as you have the right attitude and you can carry it well, your safe.

The bow tie was once used by Croatian mercenaries like scarves which was later adopted by the rich of France. Bow ties are usually made from silk just like neckties while a length that ranges from 14 to 20 inches. ‘Self-tie bow’ ties are of two types: Bat wing and thistle ends and are preferred since the ‘ready tied’ are considered as fashion faux pas. Several designers create bespoke bow ties like Paul Smith, Duchamp and others.

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