Fashion Police Never Misses

{12 February 2007}   Women In Jeans


Fashion merely repeats itself but just keeps getting better and better. The classic blue jeans has been remodeled to fit the changing times. It now comes in a lot of colors, cuts, fabrics and treatments. It is also manufactured and worn all over the world by people from all walks of life. Some are sold cheap while others, like designer jeans, are sold at prizes enough to feed a household. This versatile piece of garment has gained wide acceptance that is a fashion essential.

Men were the only ones who wore jeans. But today, even women wear them. To accentuate a woman’s body, jeans are now made in different cuts that are usually tight around the butt and thigh area then coming into a flare or skinny. Low-waisted jeans have also been developed which very fashionable now. This particular style is great for those who have problems in their tummy areas. It is wise to wear the low-waisted style if you have a big stomach since you do not get a bulge as compared to jeans that close at the navel area. Skinny Jeans are perfect for slim legs to create a leaner and longer look. For those with short legs, stay away from the baggy type since they will make you look small.

In buying jeans, your primary consideration should be the fit and the material. Go for comfort and at the same time fashionable.

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