Fashion Police Never Misses

{13 February 2007}   Ballet On The Street

ballet flatsTired of your usual high heels that totally hurt your foot after a full day of wearing them? No need to worry because flats are in the rage once more. Channel your inner ballerina and strut the streets with your ballet flats. They are stylish, chic, versatile, comfortable and shoe designers have provided a wide range of choices perfect for any personality. You can always go for the classic designs in plain colors, dainty prints or go wild with animal prints and metallics.

There are a lot of ways to wear ballet flats. You can wear ballet flats with a short pencil skirt, skinny jeans or shorts. Audrey Hepburn wore them with skinny jeans in the film Funny face in 1957. It is also perfect for dresses be it a boho long flowing dress or a short sundress perfect for brunch. You can also opt to choose flats that are pointed rather than the round-toed ones. Pointed toes will look longer thus elongating you making you look taller.

There is a perfect pair for you just waiting to be discovered. Ballet flats come in all price rangers so grab one now!

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