Fashion Police Never Misses

{18 February 2007}   Balenciaga

My brief stint in retail opened me to the world of fashion and luxury. I have always loved checking the latest trends and dressing up people. While walking around the mall, I noticed a new store. I hurried over to check out the merchandise. Whew! I was blown away when I saw the sign ā€“ Balenciaga.

The fashion house created by Cristobal Balenciaga started in 1914 in Spain. His designs were worn by the Spanish Aristocracy. He has a contributed a lot to what fashion is today. He was the one who introduced new silhouettes that diverted from the hour-glass shaped popularized by Dior. He created the square coat, spherical balloon jacket, high-waisted baby doll dress, cocoon coat, balloon skirt, and the sack dress.

The House of Balenciaga has dressed a number of celebrities and public figures. They also released the famous Lariat bag which was seen on the arms of Hollywood celebrities. Up to this date, they create avante-garde structural outfits that continue to inspire and transform the the future of fashion.

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