Fashion Police Never Misses

{21 February 2007}   My Green Eyes

green eyesElizabeth Taylor is said to have violet for an eye color. Fierce right? Only a handful in the world is said to have that eye color, if any indeed. I have a dark brown to almost black eye color and no one in family have a lighter shade. I have always worn clear contact lenses. Not for vanity’s sake but I do really need it because I’m myopic. The time came when I had to purchase a new pair so I decided to ditch the clear ones and try with colored.

Since I am not fair-skinned, I decided to try the darker shades like brown and hazel. Hmm. It looked fine but I wanted it be different. Hey, in fashion, individuality is the key. So I decided to go wild with gray. Oops, I looked like some zombie. My friend once told me that green goes well with dark brown base. So green it is.

Luckily, the green I got had a mix of brown. So it only looks conspicuous in bright light. I like my new green eyes. I feel like a new person. Haha! I gotta get used to this.

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