Fashion Police Never Misses

{29 March 2007}   Polka Dots

polka dotsPrints have always caught my eye. Well, not all. Most of my clothes have prints in them and they are of different scales and colors. Today, I chose to wear a black and white outfit. I used a white on black polka dots button-down top, black jeans, white loafers, belt and watch. I love this ensemble because it is very versatile. It looks hip, young and fashionable. The polka dots make a great detail that adds flair to the entire outfit.

The polka dots gained popularity in Britain in the late 19th century. It is commonly used in children’s clothing and toys since it creates a playful and young vibe. It was also linked with Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera who used the pattern in a lot of her clothes in the 80s and 90s. Aside from the clothes, the prints were also featured on her perfume boxes like the Carolina Herrera and Herrera for Men. The pattern has always been around even if fashion evolved. It is one of those patterns that would never go out of style as long as infused in a very coordinated outfit.

{28 March 2007}   Color Me

While staring at my closet, noticed that I do have a lot of clothes. Yes, lots of them that they already spilled over to the other bed. Whew. I desperately need to ship them to my folks. I noticed that a lot of my clothes had dark colors. Actually, only a few of them has a burst of color in them. Most were in black. Well, black looks sophisticated at times. It depends actually with the outfit you are wearing.

Then it hit me. My shoes were the ones that had so much color in them. Most of them has prints or patterns. I have two recent purchases over the net. The shoes from Gola had so much character in them. The first had a burst of navy and electric blue, canary yellow and red. The other one has a houndstooth pattern and leather accents. They just look smashing! I also have 4 sneakers that all had the same style but different prints. I also have 5 others that look really sporty. Of course, 1 have 4 pairs of leather shoes for those smart and formal outfits.

{25 March 2007}   Yes, I Am A Mall Rat

Being a mall rat has its ups and downs. It exposes you to all the material things around you. You get to see the latest trends, you know where to shop, meet a lot of people and it enhances your direction skills. Trust me, it helps big time. On the the other hand, it lures you to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash on things you don’t really need. There are times when you are lured into a shop and you just buy anything without even thinking straight.

But now, I’m a lot wiser when it comes to my purchases. I rarely shop nowadays and only visit the mall for recreational purposes like movies. It is also a place to dine with friends and just enjoy each other’s company. Almost every weekend I visit the mall. I love being inside, enjoying the sights and sounds plus going around burns calories so its also good for the health. Haha!

{23 March 2007}   Skater Boy

My room is a mess. Clothes scattered on top of the other bed, some are still packed on the floor, fresh from the laundromat. I was running late and I still do not have anything to wear. Ironic right? While taking a bath, I debated whether I’ll go for a sleek look with a button-down shirt or keep it casual with jeans and tees. Well, it was hot outside anyway so I decided to go with the latter. I hurriedly dressed up then I noticed that the shoes I planned on wearing would go well with a pair of shorts I stashed somewhere.

I hurriedly went through my closet and luckily I found them there. This is it. I wore a black shirt with some graffitti, shorts and Converse sneakers. I transfered my stuff in my Nike messenger bag, wore my aviators and left. My officemate asked me where I left my skateboard. Well, I now understand why he asked me that question. My outfit looked like that of a skater boy’s. I’m happy I could pull off any look I wanted. Hehe. Thank God for my versatility. Haha!

{21 March 2007}   Three In One

With my recent addiction to watches, I realized that I should look for something that is fashionable, versatile and reasonable priced. I frequent watch stores to look for that perfect watch. There were some that were really nice but the prices were insane! Others were reasonably priced but were not my type. Whew. Looking for a watch is just like looking for a mate. I remembered my friend who has a Fossil watch and I totally loved it. Then I saw the exact same watch. I just have to get one for myself.

I chose the Fossil watch which had three interchangeable straps. It’s like having three watches in one! It had black, brown and green and gray straps! The black looked formal but still had an edgy side to it. The brown strap had perforated edges and the leather was kinda bleached. The green and gray was perfect for casual outfits. The face was square, simple and classic.

When I got the package and walked out of the store, I was beaming. It surely was worth the price and Fossil has great quality too. I can’t wait to mix and match it with different outfits.

{20 March 2007}   Vintage Shopping

Nothing feels more comforting than the smell of the mall air. You hear the lively music playing, shops all lined up on both sides, new and attractive merchandise featured on the display windows, and people bringing shopping bags looking for more to buy. Its very rewarding to have bought that dress or bag that you have been eyeing for months. But what if you enter a store, and find a purse that you adored 2 years ago sitting there waiting for you? Then you find out it has been used. Would you still buy it?

Vintage stores offer slightly used or sometimes brand new items that have been sold by their owners. These stores may carry luxury brands or normal brands. I remember a friends getting an authentic Louis Vuitton for a fraction of the price and the item was in good condition. I also tried shopping in one and ended up buying a caramel leather messenger bag in a dirt cheap price! It had a classic design and I always get compliments when I wear it. It was a great find.

So try to broaden your options. Who knows, you might snag your next great find at a vintage store near you.

{16 March 2007}   The Man Bag

manbagWhoever said that ladies are the only bag addicts must be living in the stone age. Today, even men are very well concerned with their fashion sense. Everything from clothes to accessories, men strive to make them look all coordinated. An example would be the belt, the shoes and bag must all go well together. But since fashion is constantly being altered, some rules no longer apply. One accessory that would stand the test of time would be the the bag.

The Manbag is usually associated with the messenger and reporter bags. There are a lot of designs available. It can be classy and office-like, to really trendy with bold colors. Different materials like leather, canvas and plastic are used. Almost any brand has a version of the manbag. You can choose to be sporty with Nike and Adidas or classic, stylish and expensive with designer labels like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Its a matter how you carry yourself. If you know how to work it, then you’ll do just fine.

{14 March 2007}   Sale Tips

End of Season sales are fast approaching. Since shops are now ditching their old collections, shoppers like me flock to the stores early to get the best pick. Other people never like going to sales since a lot of people are in their, the merchandise is a mess and the stores are really crowded. But if you are the type who would like to have the best picks, you would be there before the store opens in the morning.

Its best to know what you want so it will be easy to go to that area and not miss the best picks. Wear comfortable clothing which is easy to take-off when fitting an item. A tank top and short plus sandals or flipflops would be a good choice. Plus you could also move freely. When you have made your choice, check the merchandise for defects. Trust me, it saves you the hassle of going back to the store to have it exchanged. And sometimes, they no longer have that merchandise. Also, bring a small bag or purse for your personal effects and hang on to them. Shoplifters and thieves find it easy to take stuff during sale. Lastly, have the patience to dig in the pile of merchandise. Who knows, you might find that cardigan you’ve been eyeing for months at the bottom of the 50% off pile.

{13 March 2007}   Eye Shield

sunglassesMy old office space used to be beside the huge glass windows. I had a 180 degree view of the city skyline before me. I could see if there’s a heavy traffic, an impending rain and people scurrying about with their businesses. I like the spot except for one thing, sunlight. Because of that, i’m forced to wear sunglasses. Haha!

I love wearing sunglasses. I have a lot of favorite brands. I may not be able to afford them but I really love their designs. For a sporty design, I like Oakley. The designs were really designed for sports use. My personal fave was the design worn by Cyclops in the X-Men movies. Gucci and Dior have really sophisticated designs. I could picture myself wearing one of the big designs, just like a celebrity trying to dodge the paparazzi. For a laid back look, one can never go worn with Ray Ban. The wayfarers really rock.

When could I afford those prices glasses? Well, I gotta work hard for it.

{11 March 2007}   Watch Out!

All throughout college, I only had one watch. It had a circular face and a black leather strap. Since I used it everyday, it one died on me. Aww. Years after when I was already working, it hit me. I do not have a watch! In the office, we wore business attires so I think a watch would really make a difference in the boring outfit.

I was on the hunt for the perfect watch. One weekend, I decided to check watch stores. I instantly fell in love with a steel Technomarine with a circular face which had a bluish tint. It was simple, functional but with the funky side because of the tint. I paid it with my newly acquired credit card. That actually started my watch craze.

When I wore it the following Monday, everyone loved it. Whew. I’m happy I made the right choice. Next project, a leather band watch.

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