Fashion Police Never Misses

{3 March 2007}   Preppy Look

preppyWhen I woke up this morning, I noticed that the skies were dark and the air was cold. Great. Another day perfect for staying at home to sleep and laze around the entire day. But I had to go to work so I decided to get out of bed and prepare. While preparing breakfast, I was thinking of what I should wear. Thankfully, we could wear wear almost anything. Of course coming in wearing a bikini would be a disaster that’s why there’s almost.

After taking a bath. I decided to go preppy. I pulled out a white shirt, a black pullover with argyle prints and jeans. Good thing I have my white loafers with me. To complete the look, I used my dark-rimmed Cole Haan glasses for that ‘smart’ look. I took my fab caramel leather messenger bag for that school boy look. I fixed my hair in a more ‘tamed’ style since I was used to wearing it bed-head.

On my way out, I examined my myself in the mirror. I think I did the preppy look right. Then, I left for work.

Barry Brown says:

My wife always complains that I wear graphic skull tees to the office. I think this will remedy the situation. Thanks for the tip!

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