Fashion Police Never Misses

{10 March 2007}   Emo Fashion

While attended a school fair, there were a lot of people in all shapes and sizes. Haha! It was really interesting to see different styles and personalities. There’s the preppy crowd, the typical geeks, and the most obvious since they were the most number that night were the Emo kids.

Man they were everywhere! Since rock bands were playing no wonder a lot of them have converged there that night. They all look the same. They all sport long bangs, wore an all black outfit and had dark eyeliners. They looked really scary than cool. Well, others looked like rockstars but others were mere wannabes. They wore black shirts, some had bold prints while others were plain, skinny jeans and sneakers.

I was never a fan of the emo music and the fashion as well. Its totally different from my personality. Other look really good but most just look funny. I mean, c’mon, why would you go around wearing that crazy dark liner? So un-fierce. Oh well, everybody has their own style. So be it.

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