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{14 March 2007}   Sale Tips

End of Season sales are fast approaching. Since shops are now ditching their old collections, shoppers like me flock to the stores early to get the best pick. Other people never like going to sales since a lot of people are in their, the merchandise is a mess and the stores are really crowded. But if you are the type who would like to have the best picks, you would be there before the store opens in the morning.

Its best to know what you want so it will be easy to go to that area and not miss the best picks. Wear comfortable clothing which is easy to take-off when fitting an item. A tank top and short plus sandals or flipflops would be a good choice. Plus you could also move freely. When you have made your choice, check the merchandise for defects. Trust me, it saves you the hassle of going back to the store to have it exchanged. And sometimes, they no longer have that merchandise. Also, bring a small bag or purse for your personal effects and hang on to them. Shoplifters and thieves find it easy to take stuff during sale. Lastly, have the patience to dig in the pile of merchandise. Who knows, you might find that cardigan you’ve been eyeing for months at the bottom of the 50% off pile.

Jamie Smith says:

Thanks for the helpful tips. I’ll try them on the weekend sale coming. Let’s see!

jack roberts says:

Sale is the real season for buying stuff. I only buy during sale and it saves me a great deal of money

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