Fashion Police Never Misses

{16 March 2007}   The Man Bag

manbagWhoever said that ladies are the only bag addicts must be living in the stone age. Today, even men are very well concerned with their fashion sense. Everything from clothes to accessories, men strive to make them look all coordinated. An example would be the belt, the shoes and bag must all go well together. But since fashion is constantly being altered, some rules no longer apply. One accessory that would stand the test of time would be the the bag.

The Manbag is usually associated with the messenger and reporter bags. There are a lot of designs available. It can be classy and office-like, to really trendy with bold colors. Different materials like leather, canvas and plastic are used. Almost any brand has a version of the manbag. You can choose to be sporty with Nike and Adidas or classic, stylish and expensive with designer labels like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Its a matter how you carry yourself. If you know how to work it, then you’ll do just fine.

Bonnie says:

Bonnie hates manbags.

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