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{20 March 2007}   Vintage Shopping

Nothing feels more comforting than the smell of the mall air. You hear the lively music playing, shops all lined up on both sides, new and attractive merchandise featured on the display windows, and people bringing shopping bags looking for more to buy. Its very rewarding to have bought that dress or bag that you have been eyeing for months. But what if you enter a store, and find a purse that you adored 2 years ago sitting there waiting for you? Then you find out it has been used. Would you still buy it?

Vintage stores offer slightly used or sometimes brand new items that have been sold by their owners. These stores may carry luxury brands or normal brands. I remember a friends getting an authentic Louis Vuitton for a fraction of the price and the item was in good condition. I also tried shopping in one and ended up buying a caramel leather messenger bag in a dirt cheap price! It had a classic design and I always get compliments when I wear it. It was a great find.

So try to broaden your options. Who knows, you might snag your next great find at a vintage store near you.

Jamie Smith says:

I usually get my shirts in vintage shops, it’s almost addicting.

Jonas Willis says:

I heard they are the in-thing nowadays. Where can I find affordable vintage tees?

jonathan stevens says:

vintage shirts are the bomb, coz they ain’t making you look appear serious or too kiddy.

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