Fashion Police Never Misses

{21 March 2007}   Three In One

With my recent addiction to watches, I realized that I should look for something that is fashionable, versatile and reasonable priced. I frequent watch stores to look for that perfect watch. There were some that were really nice but the prices were insane! Others were reasonably priced but were not my type. Whew. Looking for a watch is just like looking for a mate. I remembered my friend who has a Fossil watch and I totally loved it. Then I saw the exact same watch. I just have to get one for myself.

I chose the Fossil watch which had three interchangeable straps. It’s like having three watches in one! It had black, brown and green and gray straps! The black looked formal but still had an edgy side to it. The brown strap had perforated edges and the leather was kinda bleached. The green and gray was perfect for casual outfits. The face was square, simple and classic.

When I got the package and walked out of the store, I was beaming. It surely was worth the price and Fossil has great quality too. I can’t wait to mix and match it with different outfits.

sam walters says:

i always wanted to buy a fossil watch.are they really good? my friend suggest that I get a rolex instead.

Jonas Willis says:

I heard about fossil but am wondering if they have good quality. And I hope they do not cost much too.

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