Fashion Police Never Misses

{23 March 2007}   Skater Boy

My room is a mess. Clothes scattered on top of the other bed, some are still packed on the floor, fresh from the laundromat. I was running late and I still do not have anything to wear. Ironic right? While taking a bath, I debated whether I’ll go for a sleek look with a button-down shirt or keep it casual with jeans and tees. Well, it was hot outside anyway so I decided to go with the latter. I hurriedly dressed up then I noticed that the shoes I planned on wearing would go well with a pair of shorts I stashed somewhere.

I hurriedly went through my closet and luckily I found them there. This is it. I wore a black shirt with some graffitti, shorts and Converse sneakers. I transfered my stuff in my Nike messenger bag, wore my aviators and left. My officemate asked me where I left my skateboard. Well, I now understand why he asked me that question. My outfit looked like that of a skater boy’s. I’m happy I could pull off any look I wanted. Hehe. Thank God for my versatility. Haha!

Jonas Willis says:

By the way, are ray ban aviators a good choice over wayfarers?

Zandra L. Schuldt says:

I have noticed that you are into branded apparels. I wonder how much you are spending for all of these stuff. Be wise in spending, dear.

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