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{25 March 2007}   Yes, I Am A Mall Rat

Being a mall rat has its ups and downs. It exposes you to all the material things around you. You get to see the latest trends, you know where to shop, meet a lot of people and it enhances your direction skills. Trust me, it helps big time. On the the other hand, it lures you to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash on things you don’t really need. There are times when you are lured into a shop and you just buy anything without even thinking straight.

But now, I’m a lot wiser when it comes to my purchases. I rarely shop nowadays and only visit the mall for recreational purposes like movies. It is also a place to dine with friends and just enjoy each other’s company. Almost every weekend I visit the mall. I love being inside, enjoying the sights and sounds plus going around burns calories so its also good for the health. Haha!

Mary Jacobs says:

I can totally relate! Gone are the days when we just march inside a shop and just buy to our heart’s desire. Sigh.

Zandra L. Schuldt says:

Be careful, mall rat. the mall cat might just chase you. or he steels your cheese.

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