Fashion Police Never Misses

{29 March 2007}   Polka Dots

polka dotsPrints have always caught my eye. Well, not all. Most of my clothes have prints in them and they are of different scales and colors. Today, I chose to wear a black and white outfit. I used a white on black polka dots button-down top, black jeans, white loafers, belt and watch. I love this ensemble because it is very versatile. It looks hip, young and fashionable. The polka dots make a great detail that adds flair to the entire outfit.

The polka dots gained popularity in Britain in the late 19th century. It is commonly used in children’s clothing and toys since it creates a playful and young vibe. It was also linked with Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera who used the pattern in a lot of her clothes in the 80s and 90s. Aside from the clothes, the prints were also featured on her perfume boxes like the Carolina Herrera and Herrera for Men. The pattern has always been around even if fashion evolved. It is one of those patterns that would never go out of style as long as infused in a very coordinated outfit.

Joanne C. Robillard says:

Also, you can still stock your polka-dotted dress up until new year. The Chinese say polka dots are for good luck.

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