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{3 April 2007}   Exercise Outfit

exercise attire

Most of us think that when we exercise, we can simply wear a shirt and shorts and sneakers. The outfit would actually depend on the type of exercise your are doing. One doesn’t have to compromise fashion when exercises. You can still look fab even if you’re sweating like a pig and struggling with the moves.

Brands like Adidas and Nike have great selections of apparel and shoes that would suite any exercise. When doing yoga, it is best to wear comfortable clothes which also have a stretch material since the exercise requires flexibility. When running, it is best to wear the right shoes to avoid sore feet or even dead nails. Also choose those with enough support to avoid injuries like sprain. In swimming, choose the right suit or trunks that would be comfortable and would have less drag.

With the new technology in sport apparel, one can choose from a wide variety of products that is perfect for your chosen sport. It is not just about being fashionable but it also practical to wera the right gear to avoid or minimize injuries.

bobby simons says:

I hate spending money on running shoes. I used to run using my chucks and it killed my toenails. I bought a pair of adidas runners and it felt very comfortable. chucks no more, adidas for life!

Becky Schwindt says:

That’s why my son keeps on requesting for basketball rubber shoes. I keep on telling him that he used the rubber shoes his dad bought for him 2 years ago.

jared miller says:

You are doin chuck taylor injustice! get those adidas trainers and start running!

john myers says:

it doesn’t matter whether you choose nike or adidas. both are great first class brands that provide long-term sportswear.

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