Fashion Police Never Misses

{6 April 2007}   Swimming Trunks

Summer gives one the chance to shop with a cause. You need the right outfit to bask in the sun and look fabulous despite the searing heat. One day, my friends and I decided to go on a road trip to spot high above the city. As expected, the wind was cool but the the sun was still hot. On our way home, we decided to stop by some outlets that sell authentic but really cheap clothes. There were shops of Nike, Speedo, Adidas and the list goes on.

We went on our own separate ways and check out the complex. I went to Speedo to check some swimming gear. The board shorts were still expensive so I headed to to the trunks section. Boy was surprised to see them on sale at 50% off! I bought a simple navy blue trunks and a sleeveless top. When I went to Nike, I saw that their trunks were on sale at 70% off so I bought another one. Both were great buys and would really make a great addition to my wardrobe. In the car, we were all happy and contented with out purchases. I can’t wait to hit the beach.

Moon Burnette says:

its good you are so witty in buying stuff. please give us more tips on how to spot stores thtat are on sale. thanks.

Donna Raymond says:

not only you are a shopaholic, you are also a smart ass. thanks for sharing to us your tips.

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