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{7 April 2007}   That Top Is A Catch

I wasn’t really in the mood to shop lately since i’m low in cash and my credit card bills are just killing me. So my usual day at the mall is usually window shopping and dining. Last Saturday, I had a vey long day. It started with a short meeting at a friend’s place then I hurriedly went to the hospital to go to my dentist. After lunch, I went to the mall to meet up with a friend. While waiting, I decided to go around and check the department store. There were A LOT of great stuff. Too bad I didn’t have cash with me.

Then I saw it. It was a long sleeved, button-down top with red on white vertical stripes. Just plain perfect for summer! I saw an exact same top at Topman but this was way cheaper! I was torn whether I would buy it or not since there was only one left in my size. Fine, I left the mall and went home. The next day, I could still not forget about the top so I went to a branch nearer to my place. It must be fate because there they were, hanging in one corner! I hurriedly got my size, went to the fitting room and tried it on. Perfect. I paid for it and felt really happy. I wonder, what pants would go well with it? Hmm.

Jamie Smith says:

Great buy! Good thing you didn’t settle for the larger size.

Pamila L. Chowdhury says:

How did you pay it? My guess? Credits again. My tip for you is not to go even window shopping if you are really out of money.

Nicole Baird says:

i would say that it is okay for you to just shop and shop. if it makes you happy, go!

paul sanders says:

red and white is indeed a summer also provides great pastel summer shirts.

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