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{9 April 2007}   Victoria’s Secret Bag

When I hear the brand Victoria’s secret, I always picture those angels walking down the runway in colorful and sexy outfits. The brand has been synonymous to underwear and lingerie. While browsing the net for something new to buy, I came upon several stuff from Victoria’s Secret and they were all on sale! There was a wide choice of perfumes, slippers, and bags. BAGS. I love bags! I check the pictures and fell in love with a huge travelling bag.

I checked the real price in the website and it was around $100 dollars but luckily, I got it at a lower price. So I placed my order and paid it. Yehey! I now own a huge black bag from Victoria’s Secret. I waited for about a month or it to arrive. When it finally arrived, I was really excited to see it. It was carefully wrapped. The material was leather-like, shiny and durable. The handles and trim were of patent leather. The interior was of a leopard print. Just plain fab and fierce inside and out. I an’t wait to use it tomorrow. I don’t care if its too big. I’ll make it work. Haha!

Daisey Schacht says:

that’s the advantage of online shopping. you can bargain a price at its much lower price, plus it does not limit you to your locality. you can shop worldwide!

Luke James says:

Yeah man, aren’t those angels hawt? The only thing I like about Victoria’s Secret.

April Vaughn says:

your title is very catchy. i thought it was something like the secret bag of victoria. then as i went on, its actually the bag of victorias secret.

Mike says:

Yeah man, I agree with you Luke. Victoria’s angel are awesome!!

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