Fashion Police Never Misses

{10 April 2007}   Short Shorts

short shortsWhile riding the train on my way to work, I amuse myself by staring at the different billboards scattered along the way. I saw the ads for the upcoming Beyonce concert, the newest endorser of a new brand and the that guy wearing an interesting outfit. Wait, he looked all preppy on top but is wearing short shorts and loafers! Interesting.

One weekend trip to the mall, I decided to visit Zara. They have nice clothes but the prices are kinda high for me. I was going around then I noticed them. I saw a short walking shorts in plaid! I instantly fell in love it! I hurriedly paid for them not caring how much they cost. When I wore them, I felt really happy. Thank God he gave me slim legs so it was not awkward for me to wear shorts a little higher than my knees. I usually pair it with a simple top since I want to make the shorts the highlight of my outfit.

Tori Washer says:

You are so impulsive, honey. I think that next time, it is best that you contemplate on it first before really deciding. I mean, i know that you were happy at that time, but how about the day after that? were you happy too? save up!

Snow says:

wow, it seems that short shorts are really in! ^_^

Geraldine Mooney says:

i love wearing short shorts too. wherever i go, i always where them. i have more than 20 shorts in my closet.

Nelly Scott says:

Well, we all have our impulses in life, for fashion police, it is shopping. I’ve read too many entries and I already figured from day one that shopping is a virtue. 🙂

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