Fashion Police Never Misses

{13 April 2007}   My First Bling

Being a business graduate, I have a few ideas on making a great investment. As a shopaholic, buying investment pieces is a must. Of course, you get to use them for a long time and hopefully they adapt to the constantly changing trends. Investment pieces are usually accessories like bags, sunglasses and jewelry. Oh yes, jewelry is a very good investment.

My mom used to work in a jewelry store but I was very young then to understand their true value. Plus, I never liked yellow gold since they make me feel old. I prefer white gold or silver. Jewelry shopping was never my forte. The idea came to me when a friend introduced me to it. I’ve only bought two articles: a necklace and a pendant. It was a great buy since the design of the pendant was really funky yet classy. It looked like a small barrel in white and yellow gold. Well, it should be nice considering the fact that it cost me more than a month’s paycheck. By the way, I forgot to mention, the pendant was from Bulgari. Next project, the matching ring.

Nelly Scott says:

And I wonder how much it costs you darling! well, a person’s gotta have a Bulgari at least once in their life right?

Rita Marks says:

you must be filthy rich. i know bulgari is just a luxury. if you aint money, you aint bulgary.

Molly Baker says:

A BULGARI??! Wow, are you a moviestar or a top executive of some sort? Lucky lucky!

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