Fashion Police Never Misses

{14 April 2007}   Fossil Yet Again

One could not have too many watches. That line really stuck to my head since it definitely has a point. You should have one for formal occasions, sporty look, casual days and the list goes on. One fine April morning, I was so eager to go to work since it was a payday. Not just an ordinary payday but it was also the payout of our bonus! Yay! More money, more shopping trips!

While going around the mall, I decided to buy a pair of white loafers. They were an investment and I would sure use them for a long time. I went to the watch store to check out if there was anything new. I’ve always wanted a white strapped watch. It may be hard to maintain since it gets dirty easily but it would really brighten up any outfit. Then I saw it. The perfect Fossil watch with a square face, watch strip and feature both digital and analog time. Wow. The moment I tried it on, I knew that it was destined to be on my wrist. I paid for it and forgot the price at the back of my head.

Ana Reilly says:

I’m sure the watch is worth the price you’ve paid. And as you said so yourself, it is an investment that can be used in future occasions.

Tina Robles says:

cool. you must be an impulsive freak, lady. keep guarded with your finances when you go to malls.

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