Fashion Police Never Misses

{26 June 2007}   White Pants

white pants

When I got out of the shower this morning, it was way too hot! I could feel sweat again. Argh! This is what I don’t like about summer. I started thinking about what to wear in this scorching weather. It has to be light colored, soft and light fabric. I took my orange shirt and my sneakers with orange stripes. Perfect. Now, what pants or shorts should I use?As I rummaged through my closet, I saw them hanging, my white pants.

I rarely use my white pants since they easily get dirty and they make my legs look bigger. The fabric is light and the design is classic. I actually got it on sale for the half the price, I think. When I put them on and checked my self in the mirror, I found the outfit odd. It was normal but I wanted to add an edge to it. I didn’t want to use layers because of the heat. I decided to fold it higher making it a mid-calf walking shorts. Love it. It looked hip and just perfect for the summer. I wore my sunglasses to complete the look and grabbed my carry-all on my way out.

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