Fashion Police Never Misses

{30 September 2007}   Navy Blazer And Khaki Slacks

We are so used to the usual look of matching the blazer with the pants to keep a coordinated look. To make a look more interesting, pair a navy blazer with khaki slacks or chinos. The look is very appropriate in almost any occasion. From dress-down Fridays to semi-formal gatherings, you will never go wrong with this outfit. It looks clean, polished and does not grab the attention. Of course, except if you look really dashing or totally ridiculous.

To make it more modern, you can update the look. Essentially it still has the same pieces but the difference would be in the proportions. The blazer should be more fit with slimmer lapels. The pants should also be slim. You can add spunk to the outfit using an interesting shirt under the blazer. It is all about fabrication and details. You can add you personal flair by choosing a more graphic shirt to make the outfit rock in the modern time.

{16 September 2007}   Plain Colored Top

I know I have tons of clothes in my closet and some of them I barely wear. I could live without having to do the laundry for a month and still would have enough. Yeah, that much. But I still find it hard to look for something to wear. Most of my tops are printed or have designs with them. Most of my pants and shorts are in plaid and pinstripes. I therefore conclude I need to shop plain tops.

My personal fave tops are those with a V neckline since they have a slimming effect. It also shows the necklace or accessory you are wearing around your neck. I would need it in different colors like green, blue, red, orange, purple and pink. Baseball tops from Topman are also very nice. They come in different colors sometimes two colors in one garment. Of course the main consideration would be the fabric which should be made from 100% cotton. Mall, here I come.

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