Fashion Police Never Misses

{19 May 2008}   Runway Review: Alexander McQueen

English fashion deigner Alexander McQueen has always surprised the fashion world with his designs. For years, his shows have always been influenced by his love of grand theatrics that could divert one’s attention from his clothes. However, his interesting designs grab more of curiosity.

For his Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear Collection brings us back to the roots of fashion. His clothes had a feel of lightness, yet other pieces had very strong masculine silhouettes but were very much feminine. The collection featured a 19th century bodice-fitted jackets with chiffon jabot blouses and long skirts. Some corsetted dresses had exaggerated hips to create an hourglass shape. Skirts were covered with lace and had some volume. The palette is of dusty gray, ivory, and faded pinks. Some pieces were reminiscent of his stint in couture at Givenchy. There were a number of modern pieces like the perfectly tailored jackets, gray pants and asymmetric tiers of dusty-rose lace. Alexander McQueen has been consistent with making old styles relevant to today but with a classic twist.

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