Fashion Police Never Misses

{23 February 2008}   More Digital @ SES London

So my regular readers will know that I’m in charge of many sites and am lucky enough to work for a company that pays for me to go to conferences. To be honest, it’s mostly just an excuse for a boose up but who am I to argue when someone else is paying 😉

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of monetising my online portfolio of sites, no one works for free right? More Digital is my main source of income online so it was nice to finally put some faces to the names.

If you’re already using any advertising networks then you’ll fit right in woth the MoreDigital guys. I prefer them to some other networks because they’re advertising clients I actually know and see in my daily life in the papers and TV. So I don’t have to worry about the reputation of my sites when someone clicks on an ad!

If you haven’t used these guys yet then I’d recommend giving them a go as an alternative to some of the lower paying networks.

Here’s a few pics snapped..




et cetera