Fashion Police Never Misses

{12 November 2007}   Fur Fashion


During winter, we see people covered with layers of clothes to warm themselves up. In Hollywood movies, the rich and powerful are often covered in opulent fur coats. Fur clothing is one of the oldest in the world thought to be used by hominids thousands of years ago. It is worn mostly in colder countries because of its great insulation properties. Fur is derived usually from fox, rabbit, mink, otter and others.

The manufacturing of fur is a tedious process which requires a lot of chemicals and tanning. No wonder it is considered a luxury and is really expensive. Plus it is also had to maintain. Animal rights advocates condemn the use of fur since it has serious implications to wildlife. The animals are killed for their fur and most of them are endangered species. Faux fur is made out of synthetic material that mimic the feel and look of real fur. It may be a good insulator, but we also have to consider the adverse effects of fur farming to nature.

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