Fashion Police Never Misses

{15 December 2007}   The White Duffel

Payday. As usual my first trip was to the banks to pay my credit card bills. After paying all of them, I felt poor again. This sucks. I decided to drop by the mall on my way back to work. Promise, I am just going to peek and check out the stores. Actually, I was not the mood to go to every store since I it was kinda hot inside and I did not want to be tempted to buy anything.

Window shopping. Yes, that what i’ll do. Then I saw it on the window. It sat there, waiting for me. I told myself that I did not have any cash and I just bought my Victoria’s Secret bag. I’m just going to check it out. It was a black and white duffel in with a perforated finish. It reminded me of a Louis Vuitton keepall but this was simple and way cheaper at around $25. I checked the bag and went out before my self-control would disappear.

{9 April 2007}   Victoria’s Secret Bag

When I hear the brand Victoria’s secret, I always picture those angels walking down the runway in colorful and sexy outfits. The brand has been synonymous to underwear and lingerie. While browsing the net for something new to buy, I came upon several stuff from Victoria’s Secret and they were all on sale! There was a wide choice of perfumes, slippers, and bags. BAGS. I love bags! I check the pictures and fell in love with a huge travelling bag.

I checked the real price in the website and it was around $100 dollars but luckily, I got it at a lower price. So I placed my order and paid it. Yehey! I now own a huge black bag from Victoria’s Secret. I waited for about a month or it to arrive. When it finally arrived, I was really excited to see it. It was carefully wrapped. The material was leather-like, shiny and durable. The handles and trim were of patent leather. The interior was of a leopard print. Just plain fab and fierce inside and out. I an’t wait to use it tomorrow. I don’t care if its too big. I’ll make it work. Haha!

{16 March 2007}   The Man Bag

manbagWhoever said that ladies are the only bag addicts must be living in the stone age. Today, even men are very well concerned with their fashion sense. Everything from clothes to accessories, men strive to make them look all coordinated. An example would be the belt, the shoes and bag must all go well together. But since fashion is constantly being altered, some rules no longer apply. One accessory that would stand the test of time would be the the bag.

The Manbag is usually associated with the messenger and reporter bags. There are a lot of designs available. It can be classy and office-like, to really trendy with bold colors. Different materials like leather, canvas and plastic are used. Almost any brand has a version of the manbag. You can choose to be sporty with Nike and Adidas or classic, stylish and expensive with designer labels like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Its a matter how you carry yourself. If you know how to work it, then you’ll do just fine.

{8 March 2007}   Color My Life

color wheelWhile browsing the net, I came upon a friend’s site wherein he was selling shoes and bags. Perfect. Just Perfect. I quickly browsed through the albums and saw it. I fell in love in an instant. I remember visiting a shoe store and I would just check it out, wonder if it was already on sale. Seems like the Gods must be on my side because when I clicked on the picture, it was on sale!!!! SALE! I did not waste any time and bought the shoes.

I was excited when I woke up Saturday. We agreed to meet up for the shoes and at the same time grab a bite to chat. When he handed me the box, I was speechless. There it was, my new Gola sneakers : navy blue, red, yellow and electric blue waiting for me to wear them. I traced my fingers on the suede trim. I felt like I was in heaven. I’ve been eyeing this for months and now I have it! I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow. Hmmm. What outfit should it be?

{6 March 2007}   Sporty Day

Being an athlete for three years in college opened me to world of sporting goods. I had my fair share of jazz and sweat pants, jackets, duffel bags and of course SHOES. I’m a bag and shoes person. These two things really make or break an outfit.

With almost 20 pairs of shoes in my closet, I find it hard to alternate their use. I try my best not to use the same shoe within the week. By doing so I do not only break my own rule, I also prolong the life of the shoes. Since I wanted to go sporty today, I initially thought of a t-shirt and jeans ensemble. But since i’m planning to use the black jeans tomorrow, I decided to wear shorts. I picked my black pinstriped shorts, a hot pink shirt and a colorful belt. I chose my Nike sneakers to go with the entire outfit. Its mostly white with blue accents and the swoosh in gold. Good thing I also have a patent Nike bag that perfectly goes with it.

With my outfit set, I wore my huge black sunglasses and headed out. Hello World!

{25 February 2007}   Prada

I remember watching an episode of The Simple Life by socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wherein one of them sort of bequeathed her vintage Prada collection to her dog. Seriously, what would a dog do to a Prada, nibble at it? Haha!

Prada is one of the top luxury goods producer in the world. Their products include clothes, shoes, luggage and accessories. It has been regarded as a status symbol with the sky-high price tag, quality and design. It dates back to 1913 in a small store in Milan, Italy. Today, it has been launched globally by designer Muicca Prada and has hundreds of stores all over the world with sales up to hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

The release of the classic Prada handbag in 1985 catapulted the line to fame because it was fashionable, functional and sturdy. Their apparel is known for the rich fabrics, basic colors and clean lines which projected a powerful feminine worker.

When will I get my own Prada bag? Only time will tell.

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