Fashion Police Never Misses

{27 November 2007}   Chambray

Back in my retail days, I found it hard to get up in the morning really early specially when I slept late. One day, I went to the store really early since we had to manage the delivery. Argh. This means boxes of clothes waiting to be hanged, priced and displayed. I was barely awake and we all needed to work really fast. I did my best to be fast so we could finish early.

When we were done I noticed number of clothes that had a different fabric. Well, it looked a lot like denim, only it was lighter. It seemed really comfy and pair with anything. When I looked at the tag, it was made out of chambray. The fabric came from northern France particularly in Cambrai or Cobrai. Interesting fabric since never knew about it. Maybe I have seen it, I just didn’t care. Chambray has a country connotation and woven for farmers’ wardrobe since it is lightweight but strong. It wears well, easy to sew and wash.

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