Fashion Police Never Misses

{30 September 2007}   Navy Blazer And Khaki Slacks

We are so used to the usual look of matching the blazer with the pants to keep a coordinated look. To make a look more interesting, pair a navy blazer with khaki slacks or chinos. The look is very appropriate in almost any occasion. From dress-down Fridays to semi-formal gatherings, you will never go wrong with this outfit. It looks clean, polished and does not grab the attention. Of course, except if you look really dashing or totally ridiculous.

To make it more modern, you can update the look. Essentially it still has the same pieces but the difference would be in the proportions. The blazer should be more fit with slimmer lapels. The pants should also be slim. You can add spunk to the outfit using an interesting shirt under the blazer. It is all about fabrication and details. You can add you personal flair by choosing a more graphic shirt to make the outfit rock in the modern time.

{5 March 2007}   My White Loafers

white loafersI am a shoe addict. I think I have more than 15 pairs mostly comprised of sneakers. Shoes, just like bags, can make or break an outfit. I’m not much of a formal leather shoes person so I only have them in the basic colors of black and brown, with a belt to match of course. So, most of my shoes are rubber shoes in different styles and colors. I particularly love canvas slip-ons like Vans since they are comfortable and fashionable.

But my most versatile shoe would be my white leather slip-ons or loafers. I use it in a lot of ways and it goes with a lot of outfits. I use it with a simple jeans and t-shirt get-up. I can go preppy with it with chinos, a pullover and a white shirt. It is also great for breaking the monotony of an all-black outfit just by matching to a white leather belt. Another look would be that perfect laid-back summer look pairing it with a simple shirt and plaid shorts. I just love its versatility and style. It was worth the price.

I suggest you go get one yourself. Channel the inner fashionista in you. Buy a pair that has a classic style, great fit and comfort, and of course good quality.

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