Fashion Police Never Misses

{6 February 2007}   The Anorak

Brrr. The cold wind is blowing with all its might. Winter is finally here which means time to take out all my thick garments. Good thing I already shopped for winter clothing so I’m equipped. I pushed the door open and felt the bitter cold. Even if I had three layers of clothes on me, I still felt the cold on my skin. Thanks for my moisturizer, my face wouldn’t flake. As I started walking down the steps, I pulled my hood up to ease the cold. Thank God for parkas.

The traditional parka or anorak is a heavy jacket with a hood trimmed with real or fake fur. It is used in cold countries as protection from the freezing temperatures and strong winds. This garment was invented by the eskimos of the Arctic Region and used animal hide as materials and often coating them in fish oil to make it water-proof. Today, the parka has evolved to meet the demands of the changing times. They are now manufactured using lightweight materials but still retaining their purpose. Parkas could be of waist or knee length.

Travel tip: Never go to a temperate country on winter without a parka, unless you wanna freeze to death.

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