Fashion Police Never Misses

{8 February 2008}   Rachel Zoe

Working in the fashion world is exciting and totally crazy. I should know since I worked in retail for a brief period and I also have designer friends. I love clothes, bags and shoes. Designing was never my forte. I was more of a stylist. I could put together an outfit from different pieces, not create them from out of nowhere. Being a stylist is a tough job but it really opens up into a lot of opportunities.

One stylist I realy like is Rachel Zoe. She has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood like Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner just to name a few. I love the way she carries herself. Her signature look are her big sunglasses. Unlike other stylists, she appears on the red carpet dressed in her best outfits. She dresses as well as her clients and she even talks to reporters. She released a style guidebook in 2007 entitled Style A to Zoe which made it to the New York Times Bestseller list. The book gives tips about clothes, travel, interior design and more.

{10 March 2007}   Emo Fashion

While attended a school fair, there were a lot of people in all shapes and sizes. Haha! It was really interesting to see different styles and personalities. There’s the preppy crowd, the typical geeks, and the most obvious since they were the most number that night were the Emo kids.

Man they were everywhere! Since rock bands were playing no wonder a lot of them have converged there that night. They all look the same. They all sport long bangs, wore an all black outfit and had dark eyeliners. They looked really scary than cool. Well, others looked like rockstars but others were mere wannabes. They wore black shirts, some had bold prints while others were plain, skinny jeans and sneakers.

I was never a fan of the emo music and the fashion as well. Its totally different from my personality. Other look really good but most just look funny. I mean, c’mon, why would you go around wearing that crazy dark liner? So un-fierce. Oh well, everybody has their own style. So be it.

{15 February 2007}   Hazardous Runways

Girls dream of making it big one day. One of the most sought after jobs would be becoming a supermodel. Imagine wearing designer outfits, being photographed on the runway, endorsing products on print and TV, jet-setting all over the world. Sounds like the perfect life. Just like all other professions, it has its downside.

Imagine yourself walking, wearing the latest Gucci dress with 5-inch heels, a bag and on a slippery runway. You see everyone then suddenly, everything went blank and the next thing your realize is that your are sprawled on the runway with a sprained ankle. Embarrassing, right?

A lot of accidents happen during runway shows like models falling flat on their face or butt. Some runways stretch up to 45 meters and would surely hurt your feet. Some designers also use the most outrageous shoes, accessories and clothes that make it almost impossible to walk. Runways are sometimes made from slippery PVC materials, fake grass or covered with paper or petals.

I remember watching videos over Youtube that featured models falling down the runway. Sure it was entertaining but it sure hurt and embarrassed them.

So, do you still wanna ba a Supermodel?

{5 February 2007}   Green Is In

One major problem in the world today is garbage. Only a a few, if any, are devoid of it. Everywhere we look, we see junk scattered around. Waste managements is a concern for all of us. How do we raise awareness aside from the usual educating-citizens-about-garbage talks and brochures? Fashion is a very strong form of art and expression and would therefore be a good venue to promote awareness.

Several designers and shows feature clothes that are made from organic or recycled materials. Bravo TV’s Project Runway has dared its participants to explore other materials in creating outfits. On particular design that caught my eye was that of Austin Scarlett’s. It was a dress made out of corn peel. It was a simple silhouette with a tube top and stops just above the knees. It was an innovation though I’m sure that nobody would wear it to a soiree, unless it was a costume party. This particular challenge send out a very important message that even the most simple of things could be recycled to be useful again. Going green is the latest fad nowadays and this is a trend everyone must follow because it will surely not go out of style.

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