Fashion Police Never Misses

{19 September 2008}   Loving Marc Jacobs

Marc JacobsI have always heard his name yet I had no idea how he looks like. A friend of mine used to manage the Marc by Marc Jacobs shop at the mall. The place was wide and roomy and all the clothes were neatly arranged. I went around checking the merchandise since I heard that his bags were very much coveted and easily sold out. The clothes were really nice ad had a lot of life in them. They were the type tat I would wear since they fit my style.

Little did I know that Marc Jacobs in indeed hot. Hot body, good looks and oozing sex appeal. Yes, he’s just gorgeous! Not to mention uber talented. In 1997. he became Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director and created the company’s first ready -to-wear line. He has created a number of collaborations with artists like Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse. Apart from his position at LV, he is also the head designer for Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. His personal brand has grown to have a global appeal with branches in the United States, Europe and Asia.

{15 December 2007}   The White Duffel

Payday. As usual my first trip was to the banks to pay my credit card bills. After paying all of them, I felt poor again. This sucks. I decided to drop by the mall on my way back to work. Promise, I am just going to peek and check out the stores. Actually, I was not the mood to go to every store since I it was kinda hot inside and I did not want to be tempted to buy anything.

Window shopping. Yes, that what i’ll do. Then I saw it on the window. It sat there, waiting for me. I told myself that I did not have any cash and I just bought my Victoria’s Secret bag. I’m just going to check it out. It was a black and white duffel in with a perforated finish. It reminded me of a Louis Vuitton keepall but this was simple and way cheaper at around $25. I checked the bag and went out before my self-control would disappear.

{20 March 2007}   Vintage Shopping

Nothing feels more comforting than the smell of the mall air. You hear the lively music playing, shops all lined up on both sides, new and attractive merchandise featured on the display windows, and people bringing shopping bags looking for more to buy. Its very rewarding to have bought that dress or bag that you have been eyeing for months. But what if you enter a store, and find a purse that you adored 2 years ago sitting there waiting for you? Then you find out it has been used. Would you still buy it?

Vintage stores offer slightly used or sometimes brand new items that have been sold by their owners. These stores may carry luxury brands or normal brands. I remember a friends getting an authentic Louis Vuitton for a fraction of the price and the item was in good condition. I also tried shopping in one and ended up buying a caramel leather messenger bag in a dirt cheap price! It had a classic design and I always get compliments when I wear it. It was a great find.

So try to broaden your options. Who knows, you might snag your next great find at a vintage store near you.

{16 March 2007}   The Man Bag

manbagWhoever said that ladies are the only bag addicts must be living in the stone age. Today, even men are very well concerned with their fashion sense. Everything from clothes to accessories, men strive to make them look all coordinated. An example would be the belt, the shoes and bag must all go well together. But since fashion is constantly being altered, some rules no longer apply. One accessory that would stand the test of time would be the the bag.

The Manbag is usually associated with the messenger and reporter bags. There are a lot of designs available. It can be classy and office-like, to really trendy with bold colors. Different materials like leather, canvas and plastic are used. Almost any brand has a version of the manbag. You can choose to be sporty with Nike and Adidas or classic, stylish and expensive with designer labels like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Its a matter how you carry yourself. If you know how to work it, then you’ll do just fine.

{2 March 2007}   Bird Bag

The world’s largest bird could not fly but they could run really fast. I have seen a real live ostrich and yes they were huge, a thousand times bigger than a chicken. Their eggs are also big, equivalent to 16 chicken eggs. I wonder how big would a sunny-side-up ostrich egg would be? I also tasted ostrich meat and it was OK. It tasted like chicken, only bigger. Haha!

Ostriches are being farmed in over 50 countries worldwide. They are raised not primarily for their meat and eggs as food sources but for their skin and feathers. Fashion has explored a lot of sources of materials to supply the need of consumers. Ostrich feathers were popular during the 19th century as decorations for large dramatic hats. Today, ostrich leather is of high demand especially in Europe and the Unites States.

Because of its distinct appearance, having goose bumps all over due to large follicles where the feathers grew, it is highly coveted by fashion houses like Gucci, Hermes, Prada and Louis Vuitton. An example of which is an Hermes Birkin in ostrich leather. It is tanned in different colors and are made into luggage, shoes and other fashion accessories.

Perhaps the most recognized luxury brand in the world comes in two letters: LV. The Louis Vuitton brand is one of the most coveted and counterfeited. But really makes a Vuitton worth it? Well, there’s the status symbol tag attached to it, the craftsmanship, and the quality of the goods. The classic monogram LV on brown leather is getting a makeover.

Thanks to the collaboration of LV’s art director Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, they have created the new Monogram Multicolore canvas range of goods.This range features the classic monogram canvas patterns in 33 different colors on either black or white background. Another pattern is the Cherry blossom which was only produced in limited numbers.

Personally, this range has more fun side to it. It made the bags more appealing to a younger market because of the colors. The Cherry Blossoms were a hit. Sadly, it was discontinued. Aww. I liked the colors on the white background, it just looked so fresh and fun but still maintaining the feel of the classic.

{26 February 2007}   Gemma Ward

I always like collecting fashion ads. Since they change them twice a year, I always make it a point to take a look. I personally adore ads by Dolce and Gabbana since they are bold and dangerous. It keep me interested in their clothes. On particular face always appear on their ads. Blonde, skinny and incredibly fierce – Gemma Ward.

The Australian beauty started modelling at the age of 16 and was the youngest to dubbed by Vogue as one of the nine “It girls” in the fashion world. Has appeared in 30 covers of Vogue magazine, 2 of which were inaugural issues for Vogue China and India wherein she was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. She has done shows for the top brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Prada and Christian Dior just to name a few. She is also the face on the ads of Dolce and Gabbana. Forbes has dubbed her as one of the 15 Top-Earning Supermodels in the world with an income of $3 million in 2007.

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