Fashion Police Never Misses

{30 September 2007}   Navy Blazer And Khaki Slacks

We are so used to the usual look of matching the blazer with the pants to keep a coordinated look. To make a look more interesting, pair a navy blazer with khaki slacks or chinos. The look is very appropriate in almost any occasion. From dress-down Fridays to semi-formal gatherings, you will never go wrong with this outfit. It looks clean, polished and does not grab the attention. Of course, except if you look really dashing or totally ridiculous.

To make it more modern, you can update the look. Essentially it still has the same pieces but the difference would be in the proportions. The blazer should be more fit with slimmer lapels. The pants should also be slim. You can add spunk to the outfit using an interesting shirt under the blazer. It is all about fabrication and details. You can add you personal flair by choosing a more graphic shirt to make the outfit rock in the modern time.

{26 June 2007}   White Pants

white pants

When I got out of the shower this morning, it was way too hot! I could feel sweat again. Argh! This is what I don’t like about summer. I started thinking about what to wear in this scorching weather. It has to be light colored, soft and light fabric. I took my orange shirt and my sneakers with orange stripes. Perfect. Now, what pants or shorts should I use?As I rummaged through my closet, I saw them hanging, my white pants.

I rarely use my white pants since they easily get dirty and they make my legs look bigger. The fabric is light and the design is classic. I actually got it on sale for the half the price, I think. When I put them on and checked my self in the mirror, I found the outfit odd. It was normal but I wanted to add an edge to it. I didn’t want to use layers because of the heat. I decided to fold it higher making it a mid-calf walking shorts. Love it. It looked hip and just perfect for the summer. I wore my sunglasses to complete the look and grabbed my carry-all on my way out.

{6 March 2007}   Sporty Day

Being an athlete for three years in college opened me to world of sporting goods. I had my fair share of jazz and sweat pants, jackets, duffel bags and of course SHOES. I’m a bag and shoes person. These two things really make or break an outfit.

With almost 20 pairs of shoes in my closet, I find it hard to alternate their use. I try my best not to use the same shoe within the week. By doing so I do not only break my own rule, I also prolong the life of the shoes. Since I wanted to go sporty today, I initially thought of a t-shirt and jeans ensemble. But since i’m planning to use the black jeans tomorrow, I decided to wear shorts. I picked my black pinstriped shorts, a hot pink shirt and a colorful belt. I chose my Nike sneakers to go with the entire outfit. Its mostly white with blue accents and the swoosh in gold. Good thing I also have a patent Nike bag that perfectly goes with it.

With my outfit set, I wore my huge black sunglasses and headed out. Hello World!

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