Fashion Police Never Misses

{15 June 2009}   Gingham Shoes

ginghamAfter a crazy Friday night, I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling all weak and tired. But since I did not want to waste the day sleeping, I decided to hit the mall and do my ‘errands’. As usual, I went around checking stuff to add to my what-i-want-to-buy list. I only went to the usual stores and tried on a few things. I decided to check out Zara since they have nice clothes though I don’t have enough cash with me that time.

When I went inside, I was greeted by a huge table filled with merchandise that were all coordinated to make an entire outfit. Then, I saw them. On top of it all was a gingham printed sneaks with velcro clasps. I fell in love with them since they were simple but really nice. Good thing I did not bring any money or credit card with me or else I would have bought them. And besides my measure of buying stuff is when I could feel my heart racing when I touch them. Haha! This pair made my heart race but not enough to win first place. As I left the store, I took a last glance at them then left with looking back. Maybe next time.

{10 April 2007}   Short Shorts

short shortsWhile riding the train on my way to work, I amuse myself by staring at the different billboards scattered along the way. I saw the ads for the upcoming Beyonce concert, the newest endorser of a new brand and the that guy wearing an interesting outfit. Wait, he looked all preppy on top but is wearing short shorts and loafers! Interesting.

One weekend trip to the mall, I decided to visit Zara. They have nice clothes but the prices are kinda high for me. I was going around then I noticed them. I saw a short walking shorts in plaid! I instantly fell in love it! I hurriedly paid for them not caring how much they cost. When I wore them, I felt really happy. Thank God he gave me slim legs so it was not awkward for me to wear shorts a little higher than my knees. I usually pair it with a simple top since I want to make the shorts the highlight of my outfit.

{1 April 2007}   Florals

floralAll year round, I play with different prints to make interesting outfits. But since the summer is just around the corner, it is best to revisit the florals. The summer season is characterized by bold , colorful prints on very light and airy fabrics like cotton. Flowers have always been associated with the summer season because they are in full bloom and the colors are just vibrant.

Florals are hot during summer because they clearly reflect the season. They have a very festive and comfortable mood. I prefer keeping an outfit of florals laid back and comfortable. If my top is printed, I opt for a plain bottom and vice versa. Dresses, swimsuits and boardshorts all use florals. Also, don’t forget to put on the right accessories since they could jazz up the outfit. Be sure to keep them simple and coordinated with the entire look. Invest in classic but stylish pieces so they will never go out of style and you can use them again next year.

{29 March 2007}   Polka Dots

polka dotsPrints have always caught my eye. Well, not all. Most of my clothes have prints in them and they are of different scales and colors. Today, I chose to wear a black and white outfit. I used a white on black polka dots button-down top, black jeans, white loafers, belt and watch. I love this ensemble because it is very versatile. It looks hip, young and fashionable. The polka dots make a great detail that adds flair to the entire outfit.

The polka dots gained popularity in Britain in the late 19th century. It is commonly used in children’s clothing and toys since it creates a playful and young vibe. It was also linked with Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera who used the pattern in a lot of her clothes in the 80s and 90s. Aside from the clothes, the prints were also featured on her perfume boxes like the Carolina Herrera and Herrera for Men. The pattern has always been around even if fashion evolved. It is one of those patterns that would never go out of style as long as infused in a very coordinated outfit.

{28 March 2007}   Color Me

While staring at my closet, noticed that I do have a lot of clothes. Yes, lots of them that they already spilled over to the other bed. Whew. I desperately need to ship them to my folks. I noticed that a lot of my clothes had dark colors. Actually, only a few of them has a burst of color in them. Most were in black. Well, black looks sophisticated at times. It depends actually with the outfit you are wearing.

Then it hit me. My shoes were the ones that had so much color in them. Most of them has prints or patterns. I have two recent purchases over the net. The shoes from Gola had so much character in them. The first had a burst of navy and electric blue, canary yellow and red. The other one has a houndstooth pattern and leather accents. They just look smashing! I also have 4 sneakers that all had the same style but different prints. I also have 5 others that look really sporty. Of course, 1 have 4 pairs of leather shoes for those smart and formal outfits.

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