Fashion Police Never Misses

{15 June 2009}   Gingham Shoes

ginghamAfter a crazy Friday night, I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling all weak and tired. But since I did not want to waste the day sleeping, I decided to hit the mall and do my ‘errands’. As usual, I went around checking stuff to add to my what-i-want-to-buy list. I only went to the usual stores and tried on a few things. I decided to check out Zara since they have nice clothes though I don’t have enough cash with me that time.

When I went inside, I was greeted by a huge table filled with merchandise that were all coordinated to make an entire outfit. Then, I saw them. On top of it all was a gingham printed sneaks with velcro clasps. I fell in love with them since they were simple but really nice. Good thing I did not bring any money or credit card with me or else I would have bought them. And besides my measure of buying stuff is when I could feel my heart racing when I touch them. Haha! This pair made my heart race but not enough to win first place. As I left the store, I took a last glance at them then left with looking back. Maybe next time.

{8 March 2007}   Color My Life

color wheelWhile browsing the net, I came upon a friend’s site wherein he was selling shoes and bags. Perfect. Just Perfect. I quickly browsed through the albums and saw it. I fell in love in an instant. I remember visiting a shoe store and I would just check it out, wonder if it was already on sale. Seems like the Gods must be on my side because when I clicked on the picture, it was on sale!!!! SALE! I did not waste any time and bought the shoes.

I was excited when I woke up Saturday. We agreed to meet up for the shoes and at the same time grab a bite to chat. When he handed me the box, I was speechless. There it was, my new Gola sneakers : navy blue, red, yellow and electric blue waiting for me to wear them. I traced my fingers on the suede trim. I felt like I was in heaven. I’ve been eyeing this for months and now I have it! I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow. Hmmm. What outfit should it be?

{6 March 2007}   Sporty Day

Being an athlete for three years in college opened me to world of sporting goods. I had my fair share of jazz and sweat pants, jackets, duffel bags and of course SHOES. I’m a bag and shoes person. These two things really make or break an outfit.

With almost 20 pairs of shoes in my closet, I find it hard to alternate their use. I try my best not to use the same shoe within the week. By doing so I do not only break my own rule, I also prolong the life of the shoes. Since I wanted to go sporty today, I initially thought of a t-shirt and jeans ensemble. But since i’m planning to use the black jeans tomorrow, I decided to wear shorts. I picked my black pinstriped shorts, a hot pink shirt and a colorful belt. I chose my Nike sneakers to go with the entire outfit. Its mostly white with blue accents and the swoosh in gold. Good thing I also have a patent Nike bag that perfectly goes with it.

With my outfit set, I wore my huge black sunglasses and headed out. Hello World!

{5 March 2007}   My White Loafers

white loafersI am a shoe addict. I think I have more than 15 pairs mostly comprised of sneakers. Shoes, just like bags, can make or break an outfit. I’m not much of a formal leather shoes person so I only have them in the basic colors of black and brown, with a belt to match of course. So, most of my shoes are rubber shoes in different styles and colors. I particularly love canvas slip-ons like Vans since they are comfortable and fashionable.

But my most versatile shoe would be my white leather slip-ons or loafers. I use it in a lot of ways and it goes with a lot of outfits. I use it with a simple jeans and t-shirt get-up. I can go preppy with it with chinos, a pullover and a white shirt. It is also great for breaking the monotony of an all-black outfit just by matching to a white leather belt. Another look would be that perfect laid-back summer look pairing it with a simple shirt and plaid shorts. I just love its versatility and style. It was worth the price.

I suggest you go get one yourself. Channel the inner fashionista in you. Buy a pair that has a classic style, great fit and comfort, and of course good quality.

{2 March 2007}   Bird Bag

The world’s largest bird could not fly but they could run really fast. I have seen a real live ostrich and yes they were huge, a thousand times bigger than a chicken. Their eggs are also big, equivalent to 16 chicken eggs. I wonder how big would a sunny-side-up ostrich egg would be? I also tasted ostrich meat and it was OK. It tasted like chicken, only bigger. Haha!

Ostriches are being farmed in over 50 countries worldwide. They are raised not primarily for their meat and eggs as food sources but for their skin and feathers. Fashion has explored a lot of sources of materials to supply the need of consumers. Ostrich feathers were popular during the 19th century as decorations for large dramatic hats. Today, ostrich leather is of high demand especially in Europe and the Unites States.

Because of its distinct appearance, having goose bumps all over due to large follicles where the feathers grew, it is highly coveted by fashion houses like Gucci, Hermes, Prada and Louis Vuitton. An example of which is an Hermes Birkin in ostrich leather. It is tanned in different colors and are made into luggage, shoes and other fashion accessories.

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