Fashion Police Never Misses

{15 June 2009}   Gingham Shoes

ginghamAfter a crazy Friday night, I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling all weak and tired. But since I did not want to waste the day sleeping, I decided to hit the mall and do my ‘errands’. As usual, I went around checking stuff to add to my what-i-want-to-buy list. I only went to the usual stores and tried on a few things. I decided to check out Zara since they have nice clothes though I don’t have enough cash with me that time.

When I went inside, I was greeted by a huge table filled with merchandise that were all coordinated to make an entire outfit. Then, I saw them. On top of it all was a gingham printed sneaks with velcro clasps. I fell in love with them since they were simple but really nice. Good thing I did not bring any money or credit card with me or else I would have bought them. And besides my measure of buying stuff is when I could feel my heart racing when I touch them. Haha! This pair made my heart race but not enough to win first place. As I left the store, I took a last glance at them then left with looking back. Maybe next time.

{15 December 2007}   The White Duffel

Payday. As usual my first trip was to the banks to pay my credit card bills. After paying all of them, I felt poor again. This sucks. I decided to drop by the mall on my way back to work. Promise, I am just going to peek and check out the stores. Actually, I was not the mood to go to every store since I it was kinda hot inside and I did not want to be tempted to buy anything.

Window shopping. Yes, that what i’ll do. Then I saw it on the window. It sat there, waiting for me. I told myself that I did not have any cash and I just bought my Victoria’s Secret bag. I’m just going to check it out. It was a black and white duffel in with a perforated finish. It reminded me of a Louis Vuitton keepall but this was simple and way cheaper at around $25. I checked the bag and went out before my self-control would disappear.

{25 March 2007}   Yes, I Am A Mall Rat

Being a mall rat has its ups and downs. It exposes you to all the material things around you. You get to see the latest trends, you know where to shop, meet a lot of people and it enhances your direction skills. Trust me, it helps big time. On the the other hand, it lures you to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash on things you don’t really need. There are times when you are lured into a shop and you just buy anything without even thinking straight.

But now, I’m a lot wiser when it comes to my purchases. I rarely shop nowadays and only visit the mall for recreational purposes like movies. It is also a place to dine with friends and just enjoy each other’s company. Almost every weekend I visit the mall. I love being inside, enjoying the sights and sounds plus going around burns calories so its also good for the health. Haha!

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