Fashion Police Never Misses

{15 June 2009}   Gingham Shoes

ginghamAfter a crazy Friday night, I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling all weak and tired. But since I did not want to waste the day sleeping, I decided to hit the mall and do my ‘errands’. As usual, I went around checking stuff to add to my what-i-want-to-buy list. I only went to the usual stores and tried on a few things. I decided to check out Zara since they have nice clothes though I don’t have enough cash with me that time.

When I went inside, I was greeted by a huge table filled with merchandise that were all coordinated to make an entire outfit. Then, I saw them. On top of it all was a gingham printed sneaks with velcro clasps. I fell in love with them since they were simple but really nice. Good thing I did not bring any money or credit card with me or else I would have bought them. And besides my measure of buying stuff is when I could feel my heart racing when I touch them. Haha! This pair made my heart race but not enough to win first place. As I left the store, I took a last glance at them then left with looking back. Maybe next time.

{23 March 2007}   Skater Boy

My room is a mess. Clothes scattered on top of the other bed, some are still packed on the floor, fresh from the laundromat. I was running late and I still do not have anything to wear. Ironic right? While taking a bath, I debated whether I’ll go for a sleek look with a button-down shirt or keep it casual with jeans and tees. Well, it was hot outside anyway so I decided to go with the latter. I hurriedly dressed up then I noticed that the shoes I planned on wearing would go well with a pair of shorts I stashed somewhere.

I hurriedly went through my closet and luckily I found them there. This is it. I wore a black shirt with some graffitti, shorts and Converse sneakers. I transfered my stuff in my Nike messenger bag, wore my aviators and left. My officemate asked me where I left my skateboard. Well, I now understand why he asked me that question. My outfit looked like that of a skater boy’s. I’m happy I could pull off any look I wanted. Hehe. Thank God for my versatility. Haha!

{8 March 2007}   Color My Life

color wheelWhile browsing the net, I came upon a friend’s site wherein he was selling shoes and bags. Perfect. Just Perfect. I quickly browsed through the albums and saw it. I fell in love in an instant. I remember visiting a shoe store and I would just check it out, wonder if it was already on sale. Seems like the Gods must be on my side because when I clicked on the picture, it was on sale!!!! SALE! I did not waste any time and bought the shoes.

I was excited when I woke up Saturday. We agreed to meet up for the shoes and at the same time grab a bite to chat. When he handed me the box, I was speechless. There it was, my new Gola sneakers : navy blue, red, yellow and electric blue waiting for me to wear them. I traced my fingers on the suede trim. I felt like I was in heaven. I’ve been eyeing this for months and now I have it! I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow. Hmmm. What outfit should it be?

{6 March 2007}   Sporty Day

Being an athlete for three years in college opened me to world of sporting goods. I had my fair share of jazz and sweat pants, jackets, duffel bags and of course SHOES. I’m a bag and shoes person. These two things really make or break an outfit.

With almost 20 pairs of shoes in my closet, I find it hard to alternate their use. I try my best not to use the same shoe within the week. By doing so I do not only break my own rule, I also prolong the life of the shoes. Since I wanted to go sporty today, I initially thought of a t-shirt and jeans ensemble. But since i’m planning to use the black jeans tomorrow, I decided to wear shorts. I picked my black pinstriped shorts, a hot pink shirt and a colorful belt. I chose my Nike sneakers to go with the entire outfit. Its mostly white with blue accents and the swoosh in gold. Good thing I also have a patent Nike bag that perfectly goes with it.

With my outfit set, I wore my huge black sunglasses and headed out. Hello World!

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